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Graeme Smith Exeter Mind and Body Clinic

Graeme is a Master Reiki Practitioner and offers Reiki healing therapy to help restore mind, body and spirit. Contact Graeme for more information and to find out how you may benefit from Reiki healing. As well as one to one sessions, Graeme and his partner Jennie Holvey also offer to work together with a Client thus amplifying the energy and effect of Reiki.

Graeme is also an accomplished martial artist with 37 years of experience in Kenpo Karate and is a 4th Degree Black Belt. Mikao Usui the Japanese founder of Reiki was also a highly trained martial artist. Graeme believes his martial arts background has helped him with his spiritual development  as it instils discipline, humility and appreciation of life.

In ancient times all exponents of martial arts were taught how to heal. This was the balance of Yin and Yang.

Reiki is a safe, gentle and non invasive holistic healing system. It promotes relaxation and stress reduction which can encourage activation /enhancement of the body's natural healing ability which can help to improve physical and emotional well being. Reiki can safely be used alongside other therapies and conventional medicine.

During a Reiki session the client will lay on a couch fully clothed. If preferred the client can sit in a chair. The practitioner channels energy by placing their hands in various positions on the body or just above. An appointment will last an hour with the Reiki itself lasting approximately 45 minutes. The first session will last slightly longer.

As well as working with clients on a one to one basis, on request, Graeme and his partner Jennie Holvey can work together with a Client. This can enhance the energy flow. Graeme and Jennie also offer appointments to couples who wish to share the experience of a deeply relaxing Reiki session.



Individual session - £45

Jennie and Graeme working together - £60

Couples session - £80


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