A Simple Way To Heal: An Introduction To The Potential Of Zero Balancing

What really excites me about the healing power of Zero Balancing is that while it is about working with bone energy, the principles supporting it also provide the bones of  a philosophy for living life well. 

Walk To Health   (Argentine Tango - a Journey to Well-being)  -  Cathy Towers

(This is an updated version of an article which first appeared in SouthWest Connections magazine Spring 2013)

Research has shown that Argentine Tango - the dance which is, at it's simplest walking well in tandem with another, significantly relieves depression through the mindful attention required (and maybe the closeness with others).  Research has also discovered that dancing generally outstrips other exercise forms, reading and crosswords in preventing dementia. It's to do with making many split-second decisions which creates new neural pathways. And I thought I was just having fun...

Kiniesiology Helps Allergies

Recently I’ve seen an increase in the number of people looking for allergy testing – I guess it’s that hay fever time of year, which explains some, but many people have been seeking food allergy testing for IBS symptoms, and others for skin rashes.

Mindfulness starts in the Body by Sonja Tewes BA DTM(CHM)

For the purpose of this article, I am going to define Mindfulness as 'skilful awareness, which is rooted in the body and in the present moment'.

I came to a training in Mindfulness Practice as a newly qualified massage therapist, in the mid 1980's. The setting for this training, through residential workshops, was a graceful Georgian mansion overlooking the Brecon Beacons, in Wales.

Our teacher, the late John Garrie Roshi, presented this 'Way of Mindfulness' as if it was the most cutting-edge piece of education in our lives.

MEDITATION- are you addicted yet?  -  Jacqueline Kareh

Bearing in mind that there’s a growing trend for GPs to suggest to their patients that they try Mindfulness, an overstressed workaholic friend of mine queried me recently about meditation.



At a recent conference that brought together University research lecturers and therapists, the key speaker (Bob Duggan) spent some time talking about how so many people deaden their senses through their life-style and dietary choices. Coincidentally, I had a workshop coming up which was exactly about awakening and enjoying our senses and sensitivity more consciously. The more we develop our fine-sensing, the better we recognise what is or is not beneficial for us because we connect with our innate wisdom, rather than making decisions based purely on habit.

To Sir with Love – Problem Solving

A tongue-in-cheek comparison of conventional and holistic approaches

The Gong and I   -   Elaine Nicholas

Of all the instruments that I have heard blown, plucked, struck, or shook, I have never been more ‘blown away’ than by the spiralling cocoon of sound that radiates from a Gong expertly, and intuitively, played.  In the words of Elvis, it always, and ever, leaves me “All shook up”. Out of the Gong emanates all music, and all sounds - sounds rich and resonant, sounds that range from shimmering explosive highs to deep mysterious lows.  Sounds, which when the mind and body relax and surrender to them, can initiate a deep energetic clearing, leaving one feeling balanced, peaceful, and light. Such is a Gong Bath. Blissful and beneficial.