Alison Macdonald - Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki Master Practitioner

Alison Macdonald Exeter Mind and Body Clinic

True peace can be hard to find in busy modern life and is so important for the body to heal itself and recover from stress and traumas.

Clients have found Reiki or Craniosacral therapy with Alison can take them to a more deeply relaxed, calm healing place than they thought was possible, helping them unlock even long held injuries in a safe resourced place.

Alison at Rozalla Therapies has particular experience, dealing with chronic fatigue, chronic pain, spinal problems, stress, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, relationship difficulties, birth trauma, injuries etc where nothing else seems to work and has a particular interest in connecting physical symptoms to emotions.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle yet powerful technique that was developed by Osteopath William Sutherland to work with the whole person and the body's own self-regulatory and self-healing systems. Newcomers to the therapy often find that it takes them to a more relaxed calm place than they thought was possible. This deep relaxation allows the parasympathetic nervous system to prevail and gives the body’s own healing processes what they need with gentle support from the practitioner.

In this way all sorts of different traumas, however long held, can have an opportunity to heal themselves whether felt in body, mind or spirit and we can become more present to ourselves.

In a first treatment a case history is taken followed by the use of a variety of gentle holds, often around the back, shoulders and head (although the technique includes the whole body).


Reiki uses ‘ki ‘or ‘chi’ as found in Martial Arts, Acupuncture and Tai Chi etc to break down any blockages in a client’s system to facilitate healing in mind, body and spirit. Reiki originated in Japan as Mikao Usui taught others a path to enlightenment, with healing abilities as a side extra.

Late in his life, Mikao developed the use of symbols so that he could teach Medical Officers to heal more quickly. Variations of these symbols are now used throughout the world in various different branches of Reiki. Alison has studied the Japanese style of Reiki which is as close as possible to Mikao Usui's original method.

During a first treatment Alison will take a case history and then use a variety of hand positions to channel ‘ki’ where it is needed.



Craniosacral Therapy is £45 for 60 minutes.

Reiki is £40 for 60 minutes.

Please see Alison’s website for concessions and special offers.


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